Back on the Radar!

Radar Contact!

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Hey guys, good to be back!  I have been away from the hobby and industry for a few years now.  There have been many exciting and challenging changes since 2009.  I retired from my 13-year Policing career, got re-married and moved my life and businesses to Canada!  Wow, thats a lot!  It's been an adjustment, but I'm happy to say that the dust has settled and I've blown off my kits and unpacked the MH product line..ready to get it going again.  

Whats new?

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You may have noticed some changes to the site as well.  New website, logo, e-commerce all built in.  I went all out to make your visit and shopping experience clean, simple, straight-forward and easy.  Also, MH is now using social media to hopeful stay connected with you, my fellow 1/72nd scale modellers and with your help, to build a little community of like-minded 1/72nd scale modern military aircraft aficionados!  So make sure you stop by my Facebook and Twitter page and "Like" & Follow me.  Don't worry, I'll like and follow you back.

New MH E-Publicaitons

For all my fellow modellers, I now have an all new *MH Learning Centre!  This is the place where I'll provide free tips, techniques and references beautifully designed in full colour layout via PDFs for easy and convenient download.  Also full colour, multi-page  E-books; featuring valuable how-to rich content, beautiful colour photos and step-by step advice.  Available for just $5.00 per copy.  The first issue: "Tom Cat to Flir-Cat", converting the Ā®Italeri kit to an F-14B Bomb-Cat).  All MH E-Publications are instant download and look great on an PC, Mac, iPad and most smart phones that except PDF readability.  

Just like my resin product line, I'll create E-books based on your suggestions and subjects of interest.  So drop me a note and let me know what you would like covered in the form of an E-book!

Thank you

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So, as always, thanks for your support and interest in Modern Hobbies, my resin accessories and community!  Stay a while, have a look around the new digs and tell me what you think.  Also, feel free anytime to drop me an email, or comment on FB and twitter as well!  Lets get to building some great 1/72nd scale modern that will make those pesky larger scale modelers jealous! LOL! (kidding).  Keep the radar on!  

Greg Williams