A-10C Update Set...completed!


Hey guys, in my last post, I gave you a little update on how the A-10C Update set was going.  Well, I'm thrilled to let you all know that the masters are complete and I'm creating the master moulds!  I'm very excited because this set has been in the works for some time and I hadn't truly been able to get it completed till now; especially since now making MH my full time job.  A lot of s"shelved items I had planned to produce are now on my workbench! 

A big thanks!

I want to take a moment to express my appreciation for customers around the world who have ordered recently.  Thanks, I appreciate your interest and purchasing Modern Hobbies products!  A shout out to new customers from the USA, Thailand, Italy, Amsterdam and Japan!  Thx!  Lets keep the community growing.  Also thanks for great recent product suggestions and feedback from Rich Bingham, Max Bradley, Adrian Davies, Cliff Terrio, Jim Rotramel, Darren Roberts, Vic Russell, Steve Brown, Hackers Hangar, Stefan Rosiers, and Ross Hein.  All your suggestions are now on my do do list!

Mastering the parts..listening to my fellow modellers & customers

So, to pick up from the last post I wanted to show you guys and explain how I scratch built some of the details included in the set.  Originally the A-10C set was just going to include the cockpit tub, updated front new instrument cowling with new CRTs and an Acces II ejection seat.  However, as I progressed with it; I felt that that wasn't enough.  I wanted to offer more than the typical.  I added important and "current" A-10C details such as the new AN/ARC-210 BLOS/ SATCOM radio antenna, EGI/ GPS dome receiver located behind the cockpit, the new HOTAS control stick and canopy actuator parts for the modeller to pose the canopy open or closed.  

Also, I crafted the parts in this new update set and considering you, the modeller with regard to ease of installation in mind.  As I always do, MH products have no fiddly PE parts.  If some of you are like me; I think PE parts are cool and all and have amazing detail, but I can't stand working with it.  Bending, handling, trying to attach them and what if the PE parts have scale and fit problems!  And lets no forget the dreaded carpet monster if it drops off your workbench or flips out from your tweezers, "Awww, crap, where did it go!"  We've all been there, right?  

When I create the masters for MH products, I try to mould as much of that added sculpted detail in resin so that it is integrated with no unnecessary additional assembly.  Why?, because as a modeller myself who used to buy those resin and PE sets out their, I wished a manufacturer would simply integrate those details into one simple part, so thats what I did.  You'll see this in the A-10C Update set as well; sidewalls, instrument panels, etc. are all moulded into as much as one part so you don't have to assemble these would-be tiny, fragile parts.  All you guys have to do is do what you do best: paint, finish and install.  I even thought about having to remove the resin parts from the casting block..or lack there of with MH products.  Minimal clean-up and kit part preparation.  As well as easy to follow instructions available on the website or downloadable PDF files in full colour with actual photos.  Not vague line drawings that can sometimes be unclear and leave you guessing.          

So check out the photos!  Tell me what you think.

Production moulds are being poured as you read this and the new 1/72nd scale A-10C Update Set (for the Italeri OA-10A kit #097) will be available in a few days!  It will be officially product #MH014 priced at just $16.00 CAD.  Thanks for looking guys.  As always, keep the radar on!