The store is LIVE! New A-10C update Set in the works!

Well, I'm very excited to finally re-open.  Modern Hobbies web store is now LIVE!  You all can shop and place orders again!  Orders are already coming in.  Wanted to let you all know that I have a few new items in my product line: 

MH026 / F/A-18C Cockpit Set for Hasegawa legacy kits

MH028 /  F-117A HUD Set

MH029 /  A-10A, C HUD Set

MH030 /  AN-AVQ-26 PAve Tack Pod (F-111A,C,F)

MH031 /  GBU-31(V)3/B JDAM/ BLU-109 Penetrator (Set of 2)

MH032 /  GRU-7 Ejection Seats for (F-14A/B) and (A/E-6B & A-6 Kits)

MH033 /  F/A-18 Radome for Hasegawa Legacy kits

Also, making some progress on my long-awaited A-10C Update set for the Italeri A-10 kits No. #087 A-10 Thunderbolt II and #097 OA-10A.  A fellow Aircraft Resource Center Forum member Dave Fassett mentioned it to me saying, "Patiently waiting for the A-10C cockpit" during a post discussion.  Well Dave, I was listening bud, here ya go!  Thats what I like to do here at MH; I listen to you guys and let you tell me what you want in 1/72nd scale accessories and from your suggestions and wish list, I build our product line!

This set will update these models to the current "C" model flown by the USAF.  The finished set will include new instrument panel and cowling with MFS screens and anti-glare shrouds, details cockpit tub, new GPS dome, and new UHF/ SATCOM blade antenna (aft of the cockpit).  See photo below  *(Photo ©USAF). 

©USAF/ 422 TES A-10C 

©USAF/ 422 TES A-10C 

Here's some progress photos of the update build-up so far!


Thats it so far, its coming along nicely.  The set will also include an ACES II ejection seat, canopy actuation gear for posing the canopy up or down and new HOTAS control stick!  Next steps are preparing the finished parts for the master mold, casting master copies and then the production molds.  I'll give it a week till they're ready for order.  Did you here that Dave?  The wait is over budy ;-) 

Hmm, anything else I'm missing for this update set?  Drop me a comment and let me know guys!   *Oh, just got a message on Twitter from a follower who suggested another item: 1/72nd SHARP Pod for the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet.  Yeah, I can do that!

Check back here at the Hangar (MH Blog) for updates and the latest news!   Feel free to drop me a message anytime!  See ya back shortly.

Keep the radar on!