1/72 Academy F-16C block 50s By: Nat Krairojananan

Customer and fellow modern jets modeler Nat Krairojananan submitted photos of his recently completed models; two 1/72 Academy F-16C block 50s from "Odyssey Dawn" 2011.  Nat used Modern Hobbies JHMCS Helmet Set to improve the pilots, LAE-50 Towed Decoy w/ LAU-129 (F-16) and BRU-57 "Smart Rack"s to enhance the underwing stores arrangement for "Op. Odyssey Dawn" sorties.  Not only is the construction top notch but I was blown away at Nat's superb weathering efforts.  The result is a very convincing depiction of heavy use, round-the-clock sorties, and repeated C.A.P.s (Combat Air Patrols) typical during such operations.  Check out the photos:


I'd like to thank Nat Krairojananan for his photo submission and for using Modern Hobbies products to enhance his jets!  

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