Painting and finishing the new AIM-132 ASRAAM

With the new AIM-132 ASRAAM set (#MH034) now available, I had the opportunity to cast a few from my master mould to set aside for a 1/72nd scale Eurofighter Typhoon model in my modern jets collection for an upcoming build.  I wanted to demonstrate a basic painting & finishing tips and techniques article using our new ASRAAM.  For more information and to order a set, click here.  Before I get into to it, I want to say a big thank you to all my fellow modelers out there for your product suggestions, ideas and continued support.  It's from your suggestions and product ideas that make Modern Hobbies product line what it is today, and I'm very proud of it.  Thanks.  

With any modeling project, I assemble my necessary tools.  For my own model aircraft, I love to display them in-flight on a custom-made display stand with their air-to-air missiles showing realistic drilled out rocket nozzles.  So when I paint and finish the small missiles, I like to add a reasonable amount of detail.  To accomplish this I gathered my typical tools. 

<untitled> 233.jpg

The small razor saw is a discontinued Tamiya 0.15mm photo-etched craft saw.  However an updated offering can be found here.   The wooden handle needle tool is a custom made scribing and detailing tool for starting small holes, adding rivet detail, etc.  Our first steps are to remove the resin missile from the casting base and general clean up.  Once the casting base is removed, I used my hobby blade to carefully remove the thin resin flash from the rear control fins.  From there, I begin opening the rear rocket nozzle using the needle scriber followed by the pin-vice and micro drill bit.  Follow along in the photo-squence below.

Painting 1:72nd scale ASRAAM.jpg

With the basic painting completed, I intend to apply dark a gray wash to further enhance the missile and add tiny rivet detail with a .03 drafting pencil.  This works well for 1/72nd scale.  Give it a try!  Well I hope you enjoyed this basic painting illustration.  The new ASRAAM looks great painted up, I must say.  I just have 3 more to paint and add them to a Eurofighter model build I have planned.  Cheers!


Light Ghost Gray FS36375 (Tamiya mix formula):  

XF-2(15 parts), XF-24(3 parts), XF-66(2 parts)

Additional photos: