First look at the new LAU-117 Launcher / AGM-65 Maverick Set

A few weeks ago, I shared some in progress pics of the LAU-117 single Maverick launch rail.  Well, as I was progressing with it, I figured I'd might as well make AGM-65 Mavericks to go with it!  So I did, and I wanted to share with you all few sneak peeks shots of the new items to be available very soon!  The LAU-117 Launch rail and Maverick will be available separately or as a set of two rails and two Mavericks.  These are officially products #MH038 and #MH039.  To finish up, I'm making the master mold for the MH archive and then on to the production molds.  This typically takes just a few days, so it won't be long till you all will be able to arm your 1/72 scale A-10s, F-16s, F/A-18s and other jets!  Take a look:

The LAU-117 Single Maverick Launch Rail #MH038

The AGM-65 Maverick Missile #MH039

Additional photos: LAU-117 & AGM-65 Maverick together as a set that will include two rails and two Mavericks

Thanks for looking.  I'm excited to have completed these two new items.  I have some models I plan on upgrading and outfitting of future personal projects as well!  So it's a win-win.  Also, I want to send out a thanks to Chris St. Clair of the USAF Sig Group for the "hint" suggestion to produce these.  You can check out the excellent modellers of the USAF SIG (Special Interest Group) Group here.  Check back in a few days to place your orders.  Keep the radar on!