Nat Krairojananan's Aviano (Block-40) Viper

Nat makes a return to the Modern Hobbies blog with another installment of awesome scale modelling featuring his latest 1/72 scale Hasegawa F-16CG block40.  Nat used our F-16C Cockpit set for Hasegawa, product #MH022 and ALQ-50 Towed Decoy w/ LAU-129 rail, product #MH020 to improve and customize his kit.  Nat's bird appears to be a Viper hailing from the 31st FW, Aviano AB, Italy, USAFE Command.  Nat writes, "the cockpit fits to the fuselage like a glove."  Nat also provided a link to ARC forum where he documented the progress of his F-16C build.  You can check out more here.  While you're here, please enjoy some great photos submitted by Mr. Krairojananan.