New E-book | Now available!

Click her to take a closer look and order your digital copy!

Click her to take a closer look and order your digital copy!

It's been a busy few months around the workshop here at Modern Hobbies.  In addition to steady orders, I've been writing like crazy and have just completed our first e-book under a new recurring series: Building and Finishing 1/72 Scale Modern Military Aircraft.  Our first title "Tomcat to "Flir-Cat" takes modelers of basic, and intermediate skill levels step-by-step on a complete build, conversion and finishing of Italeri's F-14 "Bombcat" kit into VF-103 "Flir-Cat".  

In the e-book, we'll cover tips, techniques and personal secret methods I use to build 1/72nd scale modern aircraft that has earned several IPMS Regional 1st place awards.  From kit preparation, preliminary painting, detailing tips and techniques, finishing skills, airbrushing and more.  The complete e-book will consist of 9 chapters, 52 pages with over 200 high-resolution colour photos throughout in PDF format.  It's now available directly from Modern Hobbies as a digital download for just $8.99.  To order by credit card navigate to the regular Shop page or with PayPal, navigate to the PayPal Ordering page.  I can't wait till you all get your your copy!

If many of you are like me, I'm very found of e-books having embraced digital media over the years.  I've found that they're convenient, they're accessible on all of my mobile devices, they're searchable and now with cloud storage, they don't take up any room on my PC, tablet or smart phone unlike the mountain of reference books on my workshop shelves!  I like e-books also for their cost savings.  While they're rich in content, production savings on printing, layout design and other print-based overhead costs are largely eliminated.  These savings are passed to the consumer.  I hope you enjoy our first e-book!  Also, feedback is always welcome and appreciated.  Cheers!  Keep the radar on...