F-15E Cockpit Set | Progress (Part #3)

The F-15E Cockpit Set is complete!  

This cockpit set will officially be product #MH035 ready to order in about a week!  In Part#2, I went into some depth in how I created detail using Aves Apoxie products, added details with traditional techniques using styrene stock, specific customs tools, and some tips on how I use them to work the sculpting clay.  Now we can sit back and admire our work and feel good about it.  Of course, at this stage, I'll take this opportunity to check for flaws, gaps, seems that may need filling and fixing anything that needs correcting...then re-primed.   

I'm very pleased with how it turned out.  In the following photos, you can see what the end resin products will look like when you order and receive a copy.  Whats next is preparing the finished components by designing the casting blocks for proper molding and casting.  Lets have a look:

Modern-Hobbies-F-15E-Cockipt Set-pilot station.jpg
Modern-Hobbies-F-15E-Cockipt Set-WSO station.jpg
Modern-Hobbies-F-15E-Cockipt Set-cockpit tub.jpg
Modern-Hobbies-F-15E-Cockipt Set-components in place.jpg

First casting!

After mounting our pieces for moulding and casting, I made a master mold, from which subsequent castings will be made for the production molds.  It was a success, and here's the first pull form the master mold:

Modern-Hobbies-F-15E-Cockipt Set-castings.JPG

A big thanks!

 I hope you guys enjoyed this 3-part series as I re-capped the making of our newest cockpit set.  I would like to send a shout out to Aircraft Resource Center Forum member "White Wolf" for the submitted suggestion and as a thank you, he will receive a free set!  "I hope your reading this White Wolf!"  Thats how I roll here at Modern Hobbies.  So shoot me a line, leave a comment below or hit me up on my Contact me Page.  Submit your suggestions and tell me what you fellow 1/72nd scale guys want produced!  

Whats that I hear?, from fellow modeller: (Victor R. Russell Jr.) on my FB Fan Page; "Greg, how about an EA-6B set for the Hasegawa kit?  I answered, "Great suggestion Victor!,  yeah, I can swing that".  I love this job! Thanks for stopping by guys, keep the radar on!