1. What is your shipping method? 

Modern Hobbies uses Canada Post® Standard Domestic and International Shipping.  Modern Hobbies charges a flat rate to our customers to help eliminate variable weight and fuel charges.  For the first time, MH now ships to any country in the World! 


MH is fortunate enough to offer very reasonable shipping to the USA and International with expected delivery times as little as 4-7 days.  Unfortunately local shipping with-in Canada is frustratingly high, over $15.00 from MH to a local town just an hour away.  MH has to offset this cost by charging a few dollars more for USA and International in order to provide reasonable shipping for everyone.  

2. What are your shipping charges?

Small Packet - International Air 

$12.00 International - (All other countries outside USA & Canada) ….Please allow up to 7-14 days for delivery

Small Packet - USA Air  

$10.00 USA (All states)…Please allow up to 4-7 days for delivery

Regular Parcel

$10.00 Domestic (Canada only & Nation wide)  ……Please allow up to 5-7 days for delivery 


3. When will my order be shipped?

All orders will ship out within 1-to-3 days.  Why?  MH resin accessories are cast upon receiving orders and are not mass produced.  This is to help maintain quality control and to preserve the life of our production molds.  This translates to consistency and quality resin accessories for you, my customers.  *Please keep in mind that delivery times can vary depending on weather, destination, any customs/ duty issues outside the control of Modern Hobbies. 


MH takes great care in packaging your orders, however some items can become damaged during shipping.  If you receive a irreparable/ damaged part please do not send back.  Instead send MH an email including your name, order number and the affected part(s) and MH will simply send you a replacement. Easy.


MH 1/72nd scale modern military aircraft resin accessories are made with our trusted supplier; Smooth-On®.  MH exclusively uses Smooth-On® Smooth Cast 321® polyurethane resin.  It has a strong, yet semi-flexible shore hardness of 70.  MH uses pressure and Vacuum casting methods with Smooth-On resin to yield bubble-free parts.  MH also uses highly recyclable cardboard boxes from® in three sizes depending on your order: (MH Standard) 8x6x4, (MH Small) 4x4x4 and (MH Large) 12x6x8 sizes to ship your products.  We also now use biodegradable *cornstarch packing peanuts that decompose in water, leaves no toxic waste!


MH does not see, store, collect, solicit, WILL NOT, and never uses any customers personal, financial, electronic media, email or contact info for any purpose unless expressed permission is given via email, written or in person.  *With the exception of  Opting in to receive our monthly newsletter.  See below:  


As of January 27, 2014, Modern Hobbies is providing a monthly newsletter to keep customers in the know on new products.  As a result, customers can sign-up to receive the email newsletter by providing there name and email to Modern Hobbies.  All customers are invited to share photographs of their completed scale models for customer promotion on our web site, in which case customers will be asked to send (jpeg) image files to MH for publishing on our MH Photo Gallery.  All customer payment info is handled securely, is encrypted and processed via Stripe e-commerce payment system.  MH never sees, stores, or handles any payment info.


MH is a family business engaged in purely hobby/ plastic scale modelling accessories, sharing scale model / hobby-related tips, techniques, photographs and electronic printed material for plastic scale modeling fun for all ages.  MH does not and will not accept, distribute, publish, approve, display, engage in or be party to any political discussions, rants, inappropriate and non-hobby related material; e.g.. pornography, explicit language, statements, images, links, etc. of any type.